Dragonfly F1

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S99 Series - High-End Customized Mechanical Keyboards


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Dragonfly F1

  • Ultra-Lightweight Design
  • Flagship Core for Greater Precision
  • 4K Polling Rate Supported

Series S

  • High-End Customized Keyboards
  • Comprehensive Customizability
  • Unparalleled Typing Experience

Series V

  • Designed for Gamers
  • Ultimate Gaming Experience
  • Ultra-Low Latency, Ultra-Fast Triggering

Series N

  • Ultimate Cost-Effectiveness
  • Best Choice for Getting Started
  • Bringing Customized Keyboards to Wider Audiences

VGN HUB offers you a convenient control center, allowing you to optimize and customize all compatible VGN devices. Take full control of your mouse, keyboard, and future VGN products at your fingertips.

Our brand

Our Journey

Our story began with a community of avid gamers who share a passion for precision hardware. This same passion is what drives us to innovate, giving birth to our brand of unparalleled gaming peripherals.

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