You need to connect your mouse to the computer, open V HUB, select your mouse on the page, and update the mouse firmware in the 'Other Setting Page,' or update the firmware of the 2.4GHz receiver.

Please refer to the tutorial: "User Manual for 4K Dongle".

Connect the mouse to your computer using a USB Type connection, open V HUB, click on the Device Center in the top left corner, choose 'Settings' to enter the settings page, click on 'Mouse Brick Repair,' select your mouse model, and click 'Start Repair'.

If unable to update the mouse firmware properly, you'll need to exit the V HUB program first. Then, running V HUB as an administrator to proceed with the firmware update.

Right-click on V HUB on the desktop, open Properties, and add '--disable-gpu-sandbox' at the end of the Target field (Note: there is a space before the --).

Our website have user manual of V HUB for 'Mouse Settings' and 'Keyboard Settings'. Additionally, video tutorials are available on our YouTube channel under 'Tutorial on VGN HUB'.

You can contact us through our social platform! We will be happy to assist you.