VGN V98 Keyboard Driver Usage

VGN V98 Keyboard Driver Usage

 Driver Download

You can download the driver on the official driver page, selecting the V98 driver.

Driver Installation

a. After the driver is downloaded, open the .exe installation package to install the driver.

b. Choose the installation language, currently we supports English or Chinese.

c. Install to the default path or change the path, you can choose to open it immediately after installation or start automatically after booting.

Driver Settings

After installing the driver, connect the wired keyboard to the computer and open the driver.

1. Lighting settings

You can adjust the type, brightness, and speed of the lighting effects. Currently, there are two kinds of lighting effects. Normal mode can only adjust the brightness, breath mode can adjust the brightness and speed, off is to turn off the light effect.

2. Key settings 

a. In the key selection area, when you select a key and switch the function type below to any type other than the default, the key will be marked.

b. Toggle FN combination settings: This toggle allows you to modify the key combination "fn +a key", but not the default key combination (green in the picture).

c. The drop-down menu allows you to select the desired function type, you can set it after selecting, such as "Standard keyboard keys".


a. I want to change "CapsLK" to the key combination Ctrl+C, firstly I need to select "CapsLK" on the keyboard, next choose "Standard Keyboard Keys" in the menu, select CTRL, then press "C", click save.

b. Move the mouse and hover over the modified key, you can see that the key is set to Ctrl+C. This indicates that the key remapping is complete.

3. Macro management

You can create, record, save and modify your macro commands on this page.

4. Other settings

You can manage Win Lock, USB polling rate, quick keyboard setup, etc.

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