VGN X68 Keyboard Driver Usage

VGN X68 Keyboard Driver Usage

 X68 is a 68% layout keyboard produced in collaboration with Subor. It features a mini screen that displays the keyboard's status. Additionally, through the X68 Software, users can customize images or animated graphics they wish to display. This guide will introduce the usage for the X68 driver software.



X68 Driver Downloading
First, go to the VGN driver download page VGN Drivers and click on "DOWNLOAD" to obtain this software.

Note: When installing the X68 driver software, it's important to disable antivirus software. Windows Security might also quarantine the X68 driver software. If the X68 driver software gets quarantined, manually restore it to ensure proper functionality.

Feature Introduction

The X68 driver allows you to customize lighting effects, personalize key functions, set macros, modify keyboard settings, and control the display on the mini screen.

Backlight Settings

On this page, you can freely switch between 20 keyboard backlight effects and customize your desired lighting effect. You can also adjust the brightness of the backlight, the speed of effect display, and the flow direction of the lighting effect. Moreover, you have the option to manually select the desired light color, using the color spectrum to choose the exact color you want.

Button Settings

This page allows you to change key functionalities through key mapping, including Mouse Key, Auto Fire Key, Standard Key, Multimedia Function, System Function, Macro Function, and Office Key Function.

Macro Management

On this page, you can create key macros, customize the number of keys, and adjust delays. You can modify and manage them as needed.

Other Settings

On this page, you can lock or unlock the Windows key, swap functionalities between WASD and arrow keys, modify key repeat speed and delay, and adjust the keyboard's polling rate.

Mini screen

The most distinctive feature of the X68 keyboard is its mini screen.

On this page, you can customize and set images or animations that you want to display on the Mini Screen. The animations support up to 8 frames and allow customization of the interval time.

Taking the Rainbow Cat as an example:

First, click "clear all frame" to remove all frames. Then, click "add a new frame" to add 8 frames. Afterward, upload an image for each frame, uploading 8 pictures in sequence. Finally, click "upload" and select "uploading all frame" to complete the process. To switch to the custom animation, simply press the combination keys FN+Page down / up.

If you need the images of this rainbow cat set, you can request it via our social media platform, Instagram: vgnlab.official. We'll promptly respond to your inquiry and provide the requested information.

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