Magnetic Switch Keyboard? What Kind of Keyboard is That?

Magnetic Switch Keyboard? What Kind of Keyboard is That?

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Over the past few years, magnetic switch keyboards have made a quiet entry, particularly igniting interest within the FPS gaming community. There's a rumor circulating that Using this keyboard type is akin to cheating, enabling players to stay a step ahead in operations. Is this claim really as impressive? What sets apart a magnetic switch keyboard?


What is a Magnetic Switch Keyboard?

Magnetic switch keyboards are a new type of keyboard technology that employs magnetic sensors and triggers to detect key inputs. Unlike traditional mechanical keyboards, the key actuation in magnetic switch keyboards isn't reliant on physical metal contacts or springs. Instead, it utilizes magnetic induction to sense the keystrokes.

The advantage of this keyboard technology lies in its durability and responsiveness. Due to the absence of mechanical contact components, it typically boasts a longer lifespan and can offer quicker actuation speeds. Additionally, magnetic switch keyboards can support keyboard feedback and key travel sensations similar to mechanical keyboards while maintaining a thinner and lighter design.

These keyboards often offer highly customizable keyboard settings and programmability to cater to diverse user needs and preferences.


Why is Using a Magnetic Switch Keyboard Considered Cheating?

Magnetic switch keyboards offer unique advantages in FPS games such as CSGO and Valorant. They not only provide faster key actuation but also allow highly personalized settings tailored specifically for gaming purposes.

Fast Triggering and Movement Control:

With a magnetic switch keyboard, you can adjust the sensitivity of key triggers, especially those for movement like WASD, enabling faster and more responsive movements and stops in-game. This means pressing keys on the keyboard results in immediate character responses, providing more agility and precise control.

Skill Activation and Response Speed:

Through the keyboard's high level of customization, you can set specific key-trigger modes for different skills or actions. For instance, you can configure the keyboard settings to swiftly activate in-game skills or actions with specific keys, allowing your character to unleash skills or react more rapidly during crucial moments.

Personalized Key Settings:

Magnetic switch keyboards typically offer highly personalized key settings and programming functionalities. This means you can customize trigger forces, actuation points, and other settings based on your gaming habits and preferences, tailoring the keyboard to better suit your gameplay style and enhancing the gaming experience.

Want a Cheating Keyboard?

Such a marvelous keyboard, do you feel the urge to own one? Here, I'm recommending a high-value magnetic switch keyboard for everyone, equipped with the latest switch technology and an aluminum frame. Surprisingly, its price is even lower than that of conventional mechanical keyboards. If anyone is interested, check out the VXE ATK68 gaming magnetic switch keyboard. It's the ultimate choice for getting into the world of magnetic switch keyboards!


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