Mechanical Keyboard Materials Overview

Mechanical Keyboard Materials Overview

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 With the continuous development of computer and peripheral technology, mechanical keyboards are highly favored by users as a highly personalized and specialized input device. When selecting a mechanical keyboard, understanding the characteristics of different materials is crucial to finding the right one for you.


ABS plastic is one of the most common materials used in mechanical keyboards. Keyboards made of ABS are inexpensive, providing a comfortable feel. However, they are prone to wear and tear, which is suitable for users with limited budget or for personal use.


PBT plastic is another commonly used material for mechanical keyboards. Compared to ABS, PBT has higher material hardness and strength, resulting in increased durability. Nevertheless, PBT has a higher manufacturing cost, resulting in a more expensive price compared to materials such as ABS. This material is ideal for users who prioritize quality or gaming enthusiasts.


Some high-end mechanical keyboards often utilize metal materials such as aluminum, zinc alloy, or steel and so on. Metal mechanical keyboards offer a higher texture, with a robust and stable touch, often used with RGB lighting to enhance the aesthetic. However, metal keyboards tend to be heavier and less portable, making them suitable for users who appreciate quality in gamers.


In recent years, some unique mechanical keyboards have embraced wood materials like birch or cherry wood, especially suited for home and office environments. On the one hand, these keyboards allow for personalization, enabling users to change colors and styles according to their preferences. On the other hand, wood keyboards come at a higher price and may require more maintenance. It is appropriate for users who pursue uniqueness and individuality.

Different material and design combinations result in distinct tactile sensations and user experiences. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a mechanical keyboard based on individual preferences and needs. By gaining a deeper understanding of keyboard materials, you can better enjoy the pleasure and efficiency of typing.

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