How Appealing are Side-printed Keycaps?

How Appealing are Side-printed Keycaps?

Keycaps, often an underrated aspect of keyboards, hold the power to redefine not just aesthetics but also functionality. In this blog, we delve into the captivating world of side-printed keycaps, unraveling their unique charm and exploring the reasons behind their growing popularity among enthusiasts.


What Are Side-Printed Keycaps?

Side-printed keycaps are a variation in keyboard keycap design where the legends (letters, numbers, or symbols) indicating each key's function or character are printed or engraved on the sides of the keycaps, rather than on the top surface as in traditional keycaps. This design choice allows the key legends to be visible on the sides of the keycaps when looking at the keyboard from some angles. It offers a more subtle and minimalist appearance while maintaining readability and functionality.

Durability and Clarity

The design of side-printed keycaps may have an advantage in maintaining text clarity over the long term. Compared to the top printed keycaps, the side-printed characters are less exposed to touch, resulting in less wear over extended use. This means that the markings on side-printed keycaps can remain clear and visible for a longer duration, enhancing the overall appearance quality of the keyboard. This design helps the keyboard maintain an excellent visual state even after prolonged use.


Breathtaking Visual Appeal

Side-printed keycaps, by engraving characters and symbols on the sides, create more space on the top, presenting a cleaner and fresher appearance. This unique design adds distinctiveness to the keyboard's look, offering users a fresh visual experience. The available space at the top also opens up endless possibilities for creative designs, allowing users to customize various patterns, symbols, or icons according to their preferences, making their keyboards stand out. This feature appeals to users seeking unique keyboard aesthetics, providing them with more choices and enjoyment in customizing the keyboard's appearance. Whether it's offering clearer key labeling or personalized decorations, side-printed keycaps, with their unique appearance and creative design, have become a sought-after choice among keyboard enthusiasts.

Personalization and Choice

With the market's evolution, the variety of options for side-printed keycaps has expanded. Keyboard enthusiasts now have the choice to select side-printed keycaps in different materials, colors, and font styles, allowing them to customize a unique appearance for their keyboards based on their preferences. This level of personalization transforms the keyboard from being merely a daily tool into a means of showcasing individuality and taste.

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