What to Do When Your Mechanical Keyboard Malfunctions

What to Do When Your Mechanical Keyboard Malfunctions

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In the course of daily use of computers, we often encounter the problem of mechanical keyboard failure. This will not only impact our work efficiency, but also affect our mood. So, what should we do when our mechanical keyboard stops working properly? This article will provide you with practical solutions.

Stuck Keys

Some mechanical keyboards have been used for a long time, the spring plates under the keys may get stuck. We can try to use a key puller to pull up the stuck keys and then clean the spring plates. If the spring plate is severely deformed or damaged, you need to replace the keys with new ones.

Poor Contacts

In some cases, poor contact on the circuit board inside the keyboard can also cause the keys to malfunction. We can take the keyboard apart and check if the contacts on the circuit board are loose or oxidized. If so, you can wipe the contacts with an eraser or alcohol and then reassemble the keyboard.

Dust Accumulation

Long-term usage can result in dust accumulating in the gaps of the mechanical keyboard, affecting the response of the keys. We can disassemble the keyboard and use a hair dryer or brush to clean the dust. Then just reinstall the keyboard.

Damaged Switches

If the switches are damaged, it can cause key malfunctions. Consider replacing the damaged switches. If you don't know how to replace it yourself, you can contact a professional repairman to help you replace it.

Mechanical keyboard malfunction is a common problem. However, we can prevent the problem by regular cleaning, using appropriate keycaps, avoiding liquid spills, etc. If you have trouble in keyboard failure, you can try to fix it using the methods provided in this article. If you are unable to repair it yourself, you can seek assistance from a professional maintenance personnel.

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