Ultra-lightweight Mouse Dragonfly F1

Ultra-lightweight Mouse Dragonfly F1

As an essential tool for our interaction with computers, the design and performance of mice have always been the focus of attention for gamers and professional users. In recent years, ultra-lightweight mice have gradually emerged as a new favorite among users who seek speed and precision. In this exciting field, the Dragonfly F1 Mouse stands out with its outstanding performance and lightweight design.

Light is Fast

The core concept of ultra-lightweight mice is "Light is Fast." Traditional mouse designs often focus on durability and feel, but they come with a heavier weight. Ultra-lightweight mice, on the other hand, utilize advanced materials and structural design to minimize weight, providing users with an unprecedented sense of agility and speed during use.

Dragonfly F1 Mouse

Among the numerous ultra-lightweight mice, the Dragonfly F1 Mouse stands out and is worth recommending. Its lightweight design allows for more agile operations, whether swiftly turning in games or performing precise graphic design tasks in the office, providing a distinct and exceptional user experience.

Key Features Overview

Lightweight Design: The Dragonfly F1 Mouse adopts advanced lightweight materials and utilizes excellent molds polished hundreds of times over several months. This allows the F1 to achieve an astonishing weight reduction to 49g without punching holes, reducing materials, or compromising size. Meanwhile, it maintains a comfortable palm and claw grip, alleviating hand fatigue during prolonged use and enhancing overall user efficiency.

Comfortable Grip: Carefully crafted by designers, the shape conforms to ergonomic principles, with a delicate and smooth exterior ensuring comfort during prolonged use. The smooth-sliding mouse buttons and responsive scroll wheel design make operations even more effortless.

Soft and Responsive Clicking Experience: The mouse employs Black Golden Mamba microswitches crafted with carefully selected palladium, accompanied by mold optimizations and reduced actuation force. This design provides users with a soft and responsive feel, and with a click lifespan of up to 90 million times, it proves ideal for prolonged and frequent use.

Precision Sensing: Equipped with the advanced optical sensor PAW3395, the Dragonfly F1 Mouse can deliver precise tracking on various surfaces, ensuring there is no malfunction or lag during critical moments.

Adjustable DPI: The mouse has a wide range of DPI adjustments, ranging from 200 to 26000 with 8 customizable levels, catering to the personalized speed and precision preferences of different users. Whether you are a professional gamer or an office enthusiast, the Dragonfly F1 Mouse can meet your requirements.

Long-lasting Battery Life: The highest version of the Dragonfly F1 Mouse boasts an impressive continuous usage time of up to 130 hours! No need to worry about the possibility of running out of power suddenly.

Ultra-Low Latency: Featuring Smart Speed Wireless Transmission Technology, the mouse ensures minimal latency when using wireless connection, effectively freeing you from the constraints of cables and making your desktop cleaner and tidier.

One-Stop Configuration: VGN's independently developed driver software, V HUB, allows seamless management and configuration of a variety of VGN products, including the Dragonfly F1 Mouse.


The Dragonfly F1 Mouse emerges as a standout with its lightweight design, exceptional performance, and user-friendly features, making it a top contender among ultra-lightweight mice. Whether you're seeking the ultimate gaming experience or enhanced office efficiency, the Dragonfly F1 Mouse is definitely worth a try. With outstanding market feedback, seize the opportunity to experience it for yourself now!

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