How to Clean Your Mechanical Keyboard?

How to Clean Your Mechanical Keyboard?

Due to its unique structure, mechanical keyboards are particularly easy to hide dirt. The cleaning methods can be divided into two types: cleaning without removing keycaps and cleaning by removing keycaps.

First let's look at cleaning without removing keycaps.

Alcohol Pads

Wiping with alcohol wipes is a common way to clean up. Alcohol evaporates quickly, ensuring the keyboard dries rapidly. It is non-conductive, so it won't damage the keyboard.


For stubborn stains like hair that don't clean up well, a brush can be a useful tool. However, it takes a very large amount of time and effort, and you need to sweep the stain out a little at a time.

Hair Dryer

The hair dryer is a good choice for keyboards with light dust accumulation. Blowing cold air into the gaps of the mechanical keyboard can effectively remove a large amount of dust and hair.

Vacuum Cleaner

Unlike regular vacuum cleaners, there are a number of small vacuum cleaners designed specifically for keyboards available in the market. They can directly suck out the dust. However, these may have limited suction power for deeper dirt.

Keyboard Cleaning Mud

Keyboard cleaning mud is a helpful tool for keyboard cleaning. It is affordable and easy to use. Rolling the cleaning mud over the keyboard can absorb dust and residue. However, it may leave some residues in the gaps.

Removing keycaps

This is the most troublesome cleaning method but also the most thorough way. It requires a good understanding of the keyboard's structure. With the help of a key puller to remove all the keycaps, remember to take a photo of the key layout before removing it, and disconnect the power. After disassembling, you can use a hair dryer and brush to clean the base, scrub the keycaps with detergent and soak them for a while, finally leave them all to dry and install them back.

In conclusion, it's recommended to combine various methods for cleaning a mechanical keyboard. Alcohol pads, brush and hair dryer can be used for daily cleaning, while a vacuum cleaner and cleaning mud can assist in deeper cleaning. The specific choice depends on your needs.

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