How to Use VGN HUB? -Mouse Settings

How to Use VGN HUB? -Mouse Settings

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VGN HUB APP is a self-developed integrated driver software by VGN, which can manage multiple VGN products. Currently, VGN HUB APP supports the S99 series, V98Pro series keyboards and the Dragonfly F1Pro series mouse. Please visit VGN HUB and download the app.

Mouse Settings

Run VGN HUB APP and click mouse device, then enter mouse settings.

Remap Keys

1. Click the button you want to remap on this page. Owing to the importance of the left mouse button, you need to retain a left button function when you remap it. We choose the forward button here.

2. The forward button can be set to other mouse buttons, such as DPI buttons, multimedia buttons and so on.

3. You can also modify the mouse button to a keyboard key, which can be triggered by pressing it.

4. The key can be set to the flame key and the combination key in the special key column, and the left mouse button will be triggered according to the set frequency and number of times after clicking.

5. The key also can be set as the combination key, you can select ctrl/shift/ alt key + other keys. For example, ctrl+C is copying, ctrl+V is pasting.

Record Macro

1. Click New Macro, there are 4 ways to start the macro.

2. Click Start Recording at the bottom to record keyboard keys and mouse clicks, click Stop Recording to finish. And you can modify the interval time as needed. Click Save after completing modification.

3. Select the macro you just recorded on the left side.

4. Click the button, you can input the macro you just recorded.

DPI setting

You can modify default mouse DPI sensitivity here. The default value is 400, 800, 1600, 3200. You can also slightly adjust or increase DPI sensitivity.

Performance setting

1. Polling rate: You can set the polling rate. The default polling rate is 1000Hz. The higher the polling rate, the lower the latency. The mouse movement will be more smooth. F1 Pro series mouse supports 4K polling rate, 4K dongle needs to be purchased separately.

2. LOD silent height: That is the height at which the pointer cursor completely loses its response. It can be adjusted according to your preference.

3. Sleep time setting: You can modify the mouse's sleep time, here is 7 options.

4. Key debounce delay: If you encounter an abnormal double-click and accidental touch, it is recommended to set as 8ms for use, which can effectively avoid this situation.

5. Movement Synchronization: Enabled by default. That is the motion sync in the previous driver. It can correct the mouse movement with a smooth algorithm after it is turned on. Mouse movement is more accurate. Although it sacrifices minimal latency when enabled(negligible), the mouse control is more handy.

6. Straight line correction: Disabled by default. It can make mouse movement more straight after turning on, which will affect the mouse Micro. You can turn it on according to your needs.

7. Ripple correctionDisabled by default. After it is turned on, the mouse will perform algorithm correction at high speed movement to eliminate the wavy jitter.

8. Performance Mode: Disabled by default. It maximizes sensor performance but might slightly decreases battery life. It is recommended to enabled for gamers. It will be forced to enabled when the polling rate is above 1000Hz.

9. DPI light effect: Disabled by default. The DPI level can be viewed from the front of the mouse after turning it on, but it will increase the power consumption.

10. For FPS gamers who pursue the sense of control, it is recommended that you set the polling rate to 1000Hz or above (it needs to be matched with a 4k dongle if the polling rate is above 1000 Hz) , then turn on the movement synchronization, turn off the straight line correction and the ripple correction, then turn on the performance mode.

11. You can customize the settings according to your preference or choose the default states in daily use.



1. You can update the firmware of mouse dongle and mouse on this page.

2. Pair receiver can pair 4k dongle and 2.4G dongle.

3. Restore factory settings.

4. In the upper right corner of the mouse page, you can create and save multiple configuration modes for scenarios such as gaming, office and so on. You can create mode such as Default, DOTA, CSGO, and Office.

5. This function can only be saved and switched in VGN HUB APP now.

6. You can set the startup items and minimize setup on setting page. There are also mouse brick repair and mouse firmware tools.

7. VGN HUB new version can also be updated by clicking Update below.


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