Looking for a Perfect Mechanical Keyboard?   -VGN S99 Keyboard Might Be a Choice

Looking for a Perfect Mechanical Keyboard? -VGN S99 Keyboard Might Be a Choice

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Are you a die-hard mechanical keyboard enthusiast?Are you searching for a high-quality keyboard that excels in all areas? The VGN S99 keyboard can meet all your requirements. It features hot-swappable switches, gasket mount, triple-mode connectivity, 16.8 million RGB lighting, a 6000mAh high-capacity battery, N-key rollover, support for Windows/Mac/Linux, and exclusive wireless transmission technology with a minimum latency of 2.3ms, and ergonomic design. With such a rich feature set, it starts at just $79.99, making it a very cost-effective option for entering the world of mechanical keyboards. 

The S99 series

The S99 is VGN S-series keyboard, which corresponds to the high-end custom mechanical keyboard series. Currently, it is available in three color options: Glided Navy, Mountain Blue, and Glazing Green. 

The layout utilized is a 98% 99-key keyboard, which saves 20% of space compared to a conventional layout keyboard. 

The keycaps are crafted using Cherry profile PBT double-shot injection molding, resulting in a textured and tactile surface that not only provides an excellent tactile experience but also resists oil and sweat, ensuring long-lasting durability. 

There are two different types of switches to choose from. The first one is the Aurora Ice Cream switch, which provides a strong tactile feedback, offers a smooth typing experience, and comes equipped with a light guide mirror for more uniform RGB lighting.

The second option is the Anya linear switch, renowned for its aesthetic design and the delightful sound it produces when pressed. It's also known for its smoothness, which improves gradually with use. For more information about the sound performance of these switches, you can visit the vgnlab Instagram account. 

The S99 incorporates a four-layer sound-dampening structure into its internal design, which is one of the reasons why the keypress sound performs so well. 

The 2.4GHz receiver is stored in the storage slot on the back of the keyboard, and you wouldn't even notice it's behind the label unless you observe it closely. 

The keyboard's casing features a refined sunburst texture, providing both a visually and tactilely appealing quality. The design on the back is equally distinctive, with a narrowed profile on three sides and a metal decorative strip on one side, adding a touch of personality. 

Do you feel a little excited after learning about the S99 series keyboard? If you have any thoughts, you can click on the image below to visit the purchase page and make your selection.



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