Introduction to Hot-Swappable Keyboards

Introduction to Hot-Swappable Keyboards

 Hot-swappable keyboards refer to mechanical keyboards that allow users to maintain and replace components without disassembling the entire keyboard. This means that users can easily change keyboards at any time without interrupting work or play, providing a more convenient user experience.

There are several main categories of hot swapping:

Aluminum Hot-Swappable

Aluminum hot-swappable design is relatively simple. The circuit board is hollowed out, filled with aluminum as a conductor, then soldered to the holes in the keyboard immediately. This design requires only a simple modification of the circuit board can be achieved. It is cost-effective, but the aluminum sheet can be easily damaged during the insertion and removal process. Ultimately to be resolved by soldering the aluminum sheet.

Sleeve Hot-Swappable

Sleeve hot-swappable, that is, through the sleeve welded to the circuit board holes. Popular among DIY enthusiasts, this design provides a more stable connection compared to aluminum connection. However, compatibility is limited to switches with finer pins, such as those from Gaote, Kailh, etc. It generally cannot accommodate Cherry switches, and fitting switches with thicker pins may require adjusting the pins or flattening the sleeves with tweezers.

Socket Hot-Swappable

The pins on the circuit board are reserved for copper holes. Compared to the above two methods, this design offers superior stability and high compatibility, supporting the majority of mechanical switches on the market.

These mechanical keyboards also provide opportunities for personalization through DIY and modifications. Users can replace keyboard switches, keycaps and other accessories according to their own preferences to create their own unique keyboard. Additionally, this feature simplifies maintenance. In case of keyboard issues, users can swiftly replace or repair components without the need to shut down their computers, enhancing overall user convenience.


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